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Alpine Motors - Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Glenwood Springs, CO

Auto Repair Services in New Castle, CO

You know it…we tow it!

At Car and Truck Services Inc. and Alpine Motors, we offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week towing services in the Glenwood Springs, CO area. Our drivers are Wreckmaster and TRAA trained and certified.

We Offer:

Auto Towing
Emergency Service
Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Towing
RV & Motor Home Towing
5th Wheel & Conventional Trailer Transport
Truck in need of auto repair services in New Castle, CO

Colorado Service Areas:

Glenwood Springs
New Castle
Snowmass Village
Woody Creek

We'll get you back on the road!

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Auto Repair Shop Serving Glenwood Springs, CO, New Castle, Carbondale, and Surrounding Areas

Newly repair truck - Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Glenwood Springs, CO

We tackle the tough jobs!

When your vehicle breaks down or needs periodic auto repair, you don't want to travel from auto parts store to auto parts store as you search for an obscure part.

No problem. Car and Truck Services, Inc. has access to the parts you need. We strive to be a one-stop auto repair shop in Glenwood Springs, CO. When you bring in your car, pickup, or motor home
for repair, rely on our technicians for:
Engine service
Electrical repair
Oil and lube service
Fuel system service
Muffler repair
Shocks maintenance
Carburetor repair
Brake tune-up
Radiator repair

Specialty Services

As a driver, sometimes you need more than just general repairs. Our premier auto repair shop in Glenwood Springs, CO recognizes that you may need specialty services from time to time. And when you do, you want to know that these services are done correctly and reliably.

We take a customized approach to every customer and every vehicle. We know that no two cars or trucks are exactly alike. After carefully diagnosing the problem, we offer the following specialty services:
Four-wheel drive repair
Air conditioner overhaul
Suspension adjustment
Foreign parts replacement
Transmission repair
Clutch adjustment
Engine work
Wide shot of shop - Muffler and Exhaust System Repair in Glenwood Springs, CO
Add in our towing and tire services and it is apparent Car and Truck Services, Inc. is the only auto repair shop Glenwood Springs, CO drivers need for automobile repairs or overhauls.

We service and sell all major brands of tires including:

Snow Tires
Four Season Tires
Off Road Tires
Commercial Vehicle Tires
Motorcycle Tires
Car Tires
Truck Tires

Working to Serve You

Our towing and emergency services are available 365 days a year so you never have to be stranded on the roadway without help. As a Wreckmaster and TRAA certified company with many years of experience, we know how to take care of your vehicle and keep you safe during your travels.

If your car or pickup needs repairs, or if you are worried that clunking noises or your 'check engine' light might turn into a real problem, don't delay: come see Car and Truck Services, Inc. today!